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Interior Architecture

A modern touch for your interior design

La Verrerie de Saint-Just’s interior architecture collection covers four different ranges: wall coverings, indoor furniture, partitions and coverings with backlighting. By combining design, originality and technical expertise, we can work with you to ensure the success of your personalized projects.

Blown glass

Mouth-blown sheet glass is easily recognizable. It contains distinct markings, such as bubbles or cords whose concentration depends on the expertise of the glassmaker. These imperfections - some calm, some turbulent - enhance its beauty and its unique character, so prized in interior decoration.

This Saint-Just collection covers four different ranges:

  • Mirrored wall coverings: a silvering process allows mirrors to be entirely made by hand.
  • Back-lit wall coverings: The glass’s appearance is enhanced by a backlit play of light.
  • Partitions: Separating an area with glass allows a certain intimacy while still preserving a luminous space.
  • Indoor furniture: blown glass is beautified by combining it with elegant materials such as wood, stone or metal.  

More specifically, Saint-Just has developed two product lines:  the multi-colored glass range (ART GLASS BARIO) and the silvered glass range (ART GLASS CONTRAST).  (link urls)

Customized solutions

To meet its clients’ needs, La Verrerie de Saint-Just has developed a partner network allowing it to offer a range of customized solutions. It can now offer exceptional decorative glass, such as custom cast glass, laminated glass, silvering processed, large-scale glass, fabrics inserted glass, and many others.

  • Thinkglass’ glass product line is notable for its large dimensions and thicknesses and is ideal for individual projects, such as tables, counters, offices, stairs, etc.  
    Refer to the Thinkglass Glass details fact sheet (link url)
  • Tex Glass is a glass product line developed by Saint-Gobain (link url) and is characterized by fabric inserted between two extra flintsheets of glass. Original and contemporary, these glass products are perfect for modern interior decoration.
    Refer to the Tex Glass details fact sheet (link url)


Works of Art

Bohêmes: when glass is blown, it goes through a phase where it becomes cylindrical and then can be turned into a decorative object.

Tableaux: made with multi-colored and silvered (or not) Saint-Just glass, these frames bring a bold, contemporary, and completely personalized touch to your interior design.

For more information on Bohêmes and Tableaux frames, please contact us or please see our brochure. (link url)

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